PROJECT BRIEF - Changing space sited within cornell's milstein hall studio

Wall Space is a series of modular vertical elements, which come together to form an infinitely repeatable series of dynamic, transforming walls. The design is directly in dialogue with the studio's trusses, which act as spatial sub-dividers on the Milstein plate. As the truss progresses, the vertical columns begin to rotate in order to become the supporting diagonal members of the two cantilevers. This concept of rotating elements, as well as the program requirement of a dressing room which takes up the least amount of space, lead to inspiration from the Japanese folding fan: compact when not in use, easily unfolded into a functional item and once again returned to it’s compact state.

The wall itself is a single module which requires a second, in order to create an enclosed room. The exterior of one room becomes the interior of another. A semi-opaque screen can also be pulled out from one wall to the next in order to create a more private experience.
All of the required programmatic elements are contained within the wall itself in order to minimize the wasting of space. Once unfolded from a wall into a seat, shelves and hooks can be pulled out of the wall as needed, actively reacting to the needs of the individual.  

Elevation closed.jpg
Elevation open.jpg
wall elevation closed.jpg
Wall elevation open.jpg