This photo series consists of performance pieces exploring the body’s physical relationship to space and its engagement with found objects and architecture, documented through long exposure photographs. The individual performances involve moulding the body to a specific site and exploring its ability to withstand a defined action. The duration of the performances lasts for the amount of time it takes for the body to be physically incapable of continuing to perform the given action. Each performance is documented in its entirety through a single long exposure, the length of which is directly determined by the temporal limitations of the body. The single resulting photograph captures every movement and action which occurs during each unsustainable act.

The performances, which are initially informed by the characteristics of the engaged space, go on to determine the camera settings needed to capture the photographs. Through this process, the physical actions themselves become irrelevant, but, more importantly, each acts as a design tool to create the resulting images. All that remains are the photographs, the lasting residual result of the performance.

Unsustainable Acts - 2018

Gelatin Silver Prints